NEWEST ARTICLES: FROM THE WORD: Pr. 29:25 The fear of man bringeth a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe. 

MEANING: Fear of earthly things are just that, a snare. Get rid of those fears, by trusting in God. Your trust in him is the only thing that will keep the worst case possible away! Trust God=Be Safe. 

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The Missions of the Calling

Bible Based

The word of God in all you do. Must show yourself studied and approve in the word of God. The HC doesn't do any articles without biblical verse proof.

Brother's Keeper

We must show the love of God for each other.

To uplift and encourage, not insults. To offer help, and not judgment. To lead by example and not by rule.


Living right for Christ. Christianity is more then a lifestyle, it has to be who you are. You walk it, you talk it. You believe and breathe it. Salvation is an one on one personal relationship with Jesus.

The Heaven's Calling remembers Dale Keith White. He was a "feature preacher". He was my uncle and a great man. He was a very big supporter of this industry. Thank you Uncle Dale for your support and your show of eagerness of wanting to answer questions.

I would also like to add Ray Hicks. Ray Hicks was not a feature preacher, but a true man of God. He had a big heart, and was Christian warrior to the end. A man who prayed for you, I man who care for you, and I am who appreciated all the blessings in life. He always liked to say, I don't mean to complain...but I had this illness and God healed me. Even though I wasn't close to him, but I'm going to miss that man very much. This world has become a little less good with him gone, and Heaven has become a little more sweeter with him in his new home. I take great joy in the fact that Ray Hicks will never become ill again, but is praising our Savior everyday for eternally in perfect body in Heaven.